Rules and Regulations

School Discipline

Discipline is the law of nature. Without it, nothing works. Inculcating discipline amongst children is the most significant aspect of education and is not confined to school alone. Parents, too, must co-operate with the school in observing these norms:

1. Attendance is compulsory for celebration of National Days.
2. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence from school, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience and any type of unruly and objectionable behavior are considered to be grave acts of indiscipline on the part of a student which can lead to his/her expulsion from the school.
3. The school uniform, only in prescribed school colour, should be immaculate, clean and smart, and should be worn on all working days and functions. Actions will be taken against students who are habitually improperly dressed.
4. Students on their way to and from the school are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Being on the road in any mode of transport entails caution, care and attention to safety rules.
5. Students who expect to reach home late after the school due to personal reasons must inform their parents/ guardians in advance.
6. Students are expected to take proper care of the school property. It is for their convenience. They should not break any item of furniture and fixtures within the school.
7. They should not write, scratch or engrave graffiti on desks, chairs and other surfaces.
8. They should not damage or remove things belonging to other students.
9. Damage done even by accident must be reported at once to the Principal/ Headmistress/Class Teacher. Anyone who notices something damaged must report the matter to any of the personnel mentioned above.
10. If a student causing damage to the school property is identified, he/she will be charged with a fine.
11. In the event of collective damage to school property in a classroom, the entire class occupying that classroom will have to bear the cost of damages.
12. The school is not to be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings. It is not advisable for students to bring valuables to the school.
13. Parents are requested not to give more than Rs. 100/-to their ward. If for some reason, he has to bring more, written information must be sent to the class teacher.
14. Running and shouting in the school premises is not allowed. While using staircases and corridors, all must keep to the left. Loitering in the lobby and the office areas is strictly forbidden even during recess.
15. Students are strictly forbidden from purchasing eatables from unauthorized vendors/hawkers near the school premises.
16. No money collection for any purpose is allowed to be made in the school without prior permission of the Principal.
17. At the end of each terminal examination, all students are issued their report cards which are to be signed by their parents/guardians within three days of the receipt of the card and then returned to the school.
18. Bus monitors and teacher escorts are responsible for orderly behavior in the bus. They must ensure that only those students who hold a valid bus pass travel in the bus. Any unruly and in disciplined behavior while travelling in the bus will result in withdrawal of the bus facility.
19. It is compulsory for all students to attend the assembly.
20. All our students should observe high standards in their general get up, deportment and conduct.
21. Use of foul, unparliamentarily language is a punishable offence.
22. In order to acquire competency in spoken English, all students must converse in English while they are in school.
23. Using unfair means in a test or examination is a grave offence. A student who is found using unfair means will be awarded zero in the subject and will be issued a strict warning. Repetition of the same offence will result in his/her expulsion from the school.
24. Students are not permitted to carry cellular phones and pagers to the school. If a student brings a mobile phone to the school, it will be confiscated for a period of six months and a fine of Rs 2000 will be imposed. They are not allowed to use school phones without permission. They cannot be called to the school offices to attend to phone calls during school hours. However, in case of emergency, the telephone in the HM’s room may be used by the students.
25. Misbehaviour inside the school premises or in the school conveyance may also lead to disciplinary action against the concerned student. Objectionable behavior, use of abusive language, discourtesy and disrespect to the teachers, disobedience and irregular attendance will also lead to strict disciplinary action.
26. Students are not allowed to drive motorized vehicles such as cars, scooters and motorcycles within or outside the school.
27. Under no circumstances will crackers, fireworks, firearms and any other inflammable material be permitted in school. A student indulging in any act of indiscipline could be given severe punishment, as severe as suspension from the school.
28. Bunking classes or school is strictly prohibited.
29. Writing on shirt/uniform is a punishable offence.
30. Retribution Card: In order to maintain discipline in the school, the system of retribution cards is followed. Any of the below mentioned misbehaviour or indiscipline can lead to the student being given a retribution card. The card is issued to the student in the presence of the parent. It will be issued by the coordinator for a period of 3 days and signed by the headmistress. The card will be returned to the Coordinator on the 4th working day. 3 retribution cards will lead to one yellow card.
• Using abusive language
• Writing / scribbling on shirt/ uniform/ furniture
• Carrying costly articles (like expensive watches, fountain pens,
Cameras, jewelry, electronic gadgets)
• Carrying money more than Rs. 100
• Linking names and spreading rumors
• Bullying others
• Constantly interrupting the teaching process and indulging in rude and Unacceptable behavior in the class and school premises
Yellow Card: Any of the below mentioned misbehavior or indiscipline can lead to the student being given a yellow card. It will be issued for a period of 5 days and signed by the Headmistress and the Principal.
• 3 retribution cards will lead to one yellow card. The student will Report to the coordinator for detention during break time and PT periods
• Disfiguring or damaging school property
• Bunking classes
• Bringing a cell phone, I pad, I pod, PSP to school
• Use of violence in any form
• Harming / hurting any Person / Property / Self
• Damaging, scribbling or tearing pages from library books, text books or exercise books
• Bringing sharp and injury causing articles such as knife, scissors, paper cutters etc.
• Misconduct, indiscipline and misbehavior in school transport
• Using holicolours, bursting crackers will lead to severe penalty in the form of marks deduction and suspension from school Issue of three yellow cards will lead to immediate suspension for a period of 1 week.3 suspensions will lead to immediate expulsion. Roll numbers of students who do not follow the school rules or behave in an indiscipline manner may be withheld based on the code of conduct issued by the CBSE.

Leave Rules for Students

1. No Half Day Leave is permitted. In case of any family function or other programme, parents are requested not to send the child to the school.
2. Children are expected to attend school regularly. Under affiliation Bye-Laws of the Central Board of Secondary Education, all students are expected
to log in a minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days in the academic session. As such, no leave of absence is granted unless parents/guardians submit an application well in advance on plausible grounds for absence.
3. In case of sickness for any period of time, a Medical Certificate must be attached with the leave application.
4. If an unauthorized absence exceeds a period of 15 days it shall be presumed that the parents are not willing to continue their child’s education at DPSG and one month notice required for T.C. shall start from the 16th day of such unauthorised absence and charges shall be levied accordingly. If the parents want the child to resume classes it shall be done only with the permission of the school management.
5. If the unauthorized absence exceeds a period of 15 days, the name of the absent student is struck off the rolls of the school. A penalty of Rs.5,000/- shall be charged in case the re-joining is granted.
6. Student suffering from infectious diseases such as Chicken Pox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps, Whooping- Cough, Swine Flu and Jaundice must observe the prescribed period of Quarantine, and on returning to school, should produce a fitness certificate permitting him/her to do so.

School Library Rules

1. Each member / student will be provided a non-transferable borrower’s ticket at the beginning of the new session which is to be produced before the librarian to get books issued from the library.
2. The readers shall not sub-lend the books issued by the library.
3. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing or else they shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning.
4. If the book is lost, the reader has to pay the cost of the book or replace the book.
5. The students must return the book on the given due date.
6. Late fine will be charged Rs. 2.00 per day per volume after the due date.