About US

Welcome to all viewers of our school website. We have been designated a high performing specialist school and. The values of Humility and Gentleness,Truth and Justice,Love and Peace are vital to us and in the words of Pope John Paul II, "to teach means not only to impart what we know, but also to reveal who we are by living what we believe." This means that we try our very best to look after our pupils by developing strong and trusting relationships between the children and ourselves. Good relationships are vital at all levels in the school. We try to foster mutual respect.

School Details Overview

CBSE affiliation number: 130490
Area of school campus 12627.28sq.mtr
Built up area 9108 sq.mtr
Play ground 3619 sq. Mtr
Science lab 22*24sq ft
Mathematics lab 22*24sq Ft
Computer lab 22*24sq Ft
Biology lab 22*24sq.ft
Chemistry lab 22*24 sq ft
Physics lab 22*24sqft
Library rooms 22*24sqft
Class rooms 20 (22*24sqft)

Nursery(LKG)-Admissions Schedule

Issue of Applications May 1st to June 10
Timings 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Noon
Data Of Finalization Of Admission June
Final List Will be Published in our Website  12/01/2020


1. Age Minimum 3(1/2) years by June 2020
2. Further details conatact school office.

Vision & Mission

The School will be the interactive learning by adopting Latest tools and technology for the individual and collective activity. The School attempt to achieve a goal to teach values so that the rich enhances of our culture is secure in the hands of the new generation and promote harmony and spirit of unity.

Principal's Message

Principal ST. AUGUSTINE ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL A warm welcome to st Augustine institutions at Amaravathi. st Augustine English medium school was established in the year 1989 by the Augustinian sisters .

Dear parents and students in the current age of artificial intelligence and international virtual class rooms we are committed to provide value based, natural, quality education of global standard.

I believe every child is unique and special with his or her own god given talents and skills we prepare them to face the challenges of this multicultural and ever changing world . we educate them to be intellectually enlightened morally and spiritually oriented with the values of integrity equality kindness and trust . we do foster family atmosphere and a sense of sporting and cultural activities for every child we do encourage you to go through our website to know better about ourselves.