1. SPORTS: Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Cricket, Badminton, Basket ball
2. Co-Curriculum: Yoga, Dance, Music, Karate
3. Club & Societies: The club activities come in to full sing on special occasions. Each group has its program and agenda. Science, History, Geography, Hindi, Mathematics club organize different items such as exhibitions, quiz etc.

These activities help the students to work as a team. It enables them to be more responsible, patient, to plan new things, to be more creative, enhance their knowledge and to be more confident. Thus the school provides maximum opportunity for the wholesome development of the students.

Functions & Events

The students eagerly wait for the cultural fest. It is an opportunity for all to work in unison. There is an ample amount of planning, meetings, practice sections, calculation, coordination etc. All of us are filled with excitement. This is one of the occasions, where there is maximum generation of energy.

We specially celebrate Independence Day, Teacher's Day, St. Augustine Feast, Gandhi Jayandhi, Children's Day, Christmas, New Year and Republic Day, Annual Day and Sports Day.

Relaxation of mind is one of the important aspects that man needs in the midst of a hectic schedule. Art and music are the main sources that human mind turns to for relaxation. It takes as to a world of colors, sounds, imaginations and creativity. Our school gives a great deal of importance for all the functions and events of the school.

Jobs & Responsibility

GREEN HOUSE Mr.Ravi, Mrs.Vijaya Kumari, Mrs. Sakunthala
RED HOUSE Mr. Santhi kumar , Mrs. Sarvani, Mrs.Mary
YELLOW HOUSE Mr. Krishna, Mrs. Razia, Mrs. Jyothi
BLUE HOUSE Mr.Suresh, Mrs. Hima Bindu, Miss. Sirisha
CULTURAL Sr.Priya, Mrs. Vijaya Kumara, Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Razia
ACTIVITY Mr.Krisha, Miss.Sirisha, Mr.R.Ravi
BULLETIN BOARD M.Ravi, Suresh, Mrs.Hima Bindu
SPORTS Mr. RAVI Mrs. Bindhu Mrs. Imarana
EXAM Sr.Jancy, Mrs.Pushpalatha, Mrs.Mani,Mrs.Imrana
DESCIPLINE Sr.Jancy, Mrs.Pushpalatha, Mr.Santhi kumar